Thursday, March 29, 2012

Going Private

Hey guys,

We've decided it is best to make our blog private.  I especially want to now that i'll be posting lots of pics of little L.  As soon as i figure it out, I will send out emails.  Hope everyone is doing well!

Much love,
B, Kev, and Lukey

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Boy

Sooooo..... I believe it is time to blog again!  As the saying goes: "Better late than never!"  So that is what I am trying to do today-document a little bit about how I have felt being pregnant, and what it is like to be starting this journey of being parents.  (Parents!?!?  Am I really mature enough for that?  Most of the time I still feel barely a grown up myself!)

Most of you know by now that we are expecting our little bouncing baby boy on March 12th. I have posted a lot about it on facebook and told most of you personally.  But- If you didn't know-SURPRIIIISE!!!!  We are super excited and ready to expand our little family of two.

It is hard to describe exactly what I want to say on being "ready" to have kids.  Please keep in mind this is my own personal opinion and experience, and what everyone else is doing is completely up to them! I'd just like to share/document how it has been for us. But what I will say is that the timing is always up to the Lord.  Both me and Kev knew that we wanted to try and finish up school before we had any kids.  We knew it would be pretty difficult to keep up with our schedule that we had during that time.  It included: work, a full-time load of classes, homework, spending time with each other, going out with friends, doing family stuff, and trying to have some down time.  For awhile there I was doing my internship at LDS Family Services, working at the Garden, AND going to school.  That was SO busy.  Looking back, it was a very busy time but so fun and a huge growing experience as well.  I'm really glad I did it.  However, it was plain to see I needed to get a handle on all that before getting pregnant.  We had talked about maybe trying to get pregnant while I was finishing up school, but then we decided it would be best to have Kev be done with school as well.  I graduated December 2010, and now Kevin is all the way done and graduated December 2011!  I'm so proud of him.  So after I graduated, we gave it a lot LOT of thought and prayer and decided to go off of birth control and see what happened.  We felt that we were open to the possibility and if Heavenly Father felt ready to bless us with that, we were ready to take our chance.
I thought it would probably happen right away, within the first two months or so.  Wrong!  The timing was not up to us. The lesson I learned (after I cried and was sad it was not happening right away) is that the absolute best thing was to just turn it over to the Lord and completely TRUST that it will all work out for the best.  Only after I had felt like it was not up to me and to turn it over to Him, that's when I felt like it would all work out.  I have another dear friend in our ward that struggles with infertility and she had helped me to see this. Four to five months later I found out I was pregnant!  We found out we were pregnant in July--and kept it a secret until SEPTEMBER.  I have no idea how i did that!!!!  That was Kevin's idea.  We didn't tell a soul until my birthday on September 1st.  It was so so so hard to wait that long.  Our thinking was that it was best to wait until after the first trimester to make sure there wasn't a miscarriage or anything.  To tell the family, we invited all of the family on both sides over to our house for cake and ice cream.  Near the end of the party I finally decided to say something.  This is pretty cheesy, but I wanted to do something besides just blurt it out! Next time I will probably just do that. Haha. :) I had framed the ultrasound picture just for this occasion to show everyone.  So after I was talking about some of the gifts I had gotten for my birthday- I said to Kevin's parents "This is my favorite gift that Kevin gave me" and handed them the picture.  The look on Cathy's face was priceless! She and Mark were so shocked.  "Is this for real?" they exclaimed. Everyone was so excited and some like my Mom and sister had suspected but were waiting for us to tell. :D I think for the next pregnancy I will tell family right away!

Now the pregnancy is almost over! The actual pregnancy has not been to bad for me. I have been very lucky to not be too sick.  I think He knows I could only handle so much.  And except for this month, I also have tried to stay in shape before and during the pregnancy and I believe that has helped.  The only big symptoms I have had is being very very tired.  Having him inside has zapped a lot of my energy. I also have had a few skin problems like lots of redness on my face that won't go away.  It is just because of the hormones, and there has been nothing that has helped. So sorry if you have noticed that my face is really not what it used to be and is having issues!!  But it is worth it.  All the weird things that come with being pregnant that are "normal" have surprised me, I will have to write another small post about that. For now I just want to write down and remember how blessed I feel at this time.  He is so close to being here.  I get a twinge of excitement every time I walk by the nursery (pics to come).  I love feeling him kick and move.  I love seeing Kevin get excited about baby things.  I love it when he talks to my stomach. I know there will be some adjusting for our marriage and many aspects of what our lives are now, but I think having a baby will add extra happiness and bring us together.  I love humming or singing knowing that he can hear me. I love seeing other babies and feeling their sweet spirit, and knowing he will come soon. I love thinking about how his eyes will look.  I can't wait!

We are so excited to meet you little Luke!!!! :)  I love you  more than you know already.
Love, your crazy parents

This is what Luke has to look forward to :) Yeah I know, this isn't a picture of me pregnant, they are all still on my camera.  But in my defense, this WAS taken on a date night after we found out we were pregnant!  Lucky Luke will get all these wonderful faces from us.  I hope he is amused!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This n' That

Hey everybody,

It's been a little while! We are doing well. We have had a great weekend and will have to do a picture update of what we have been up to! I have today off and am just watching my cute niece for the day until I teach piano at 4. Oh yeah, did I mention I teach piano now?? I LOVE it! I appreciate spending time teaching a skill that I have loved to have, and plus getting paid to do it. It's so nice to enjoy what I'm doing. Right now I have two students and three more that want to start soon. I hope to get up to 10 soon so if you know anyone, send them my way for sure!

I quit the garden restaurant too, so now it is LDS Family Services and Piano for me and for Kev it is FATPOT World Tech and one summer class twice a week. We are also excited for the summertime and for our softball team to take the title! :) We did win our first game, but it has been rained out the last two. But I guess we can say we are undefeated so far, right??

Today I just want to do a random post that I have seen some other's do, I got the idea from my friend Jessica.

It's called "Confessions" and is just kind of fun. Hopefully none of them shock you too much! I try to be an open book as much as possible. I think it's important to be transparent and try to show and explain how I feel, so most of the time I do that. But some of them might surprise you! :) Here goes:

1. I love musicals.
2. I worry about the stupidest things. Like what to make for dinner, how to do my hair, etc etc.
3. If I could live right next to the ocean and sit out on a deck chair all day, I would be extremely happy. It also would probably make me VERY lazy because I would be content just sitting all day.
4. I love watching reality TV. (Seen "the voice"? I'm obsessed.) The Bachelor is another big favorite at our house.
5. I love to play sports.
6. When I see people out playing soccer, I secretly wish I could join them and it would be no big deal. But they are like 8. I'm sure someone would think that's kind of weird. :P hehehe.
7. I want to go to Brazil and learn some Portuguese for Kevin.
8. On that note, I also think I would absolutely love to serve a mission when we are older.
9. I'm obsessed with planning vacations... I think spending money on traveling is probably the best use of money ever. We disagree on this sometimes.
10. I like to take long bubble baths and listen to music.
11. I like to dance in the kitchen while I'm cooking. I find it hilarious, and the funny thing is I am almost always by myself so I can not care if anyone sees me!
12. I like to jog.
13. I like to hike and secretly wish I was one of those people who mountain biked.
14. I like to fall asleep watching movies.....just ask Kev, I rarely see the ending of ANYthing!
15. I like road trips.
16. I enjoy girls nights out! I love my girlfriends.
17. I enjoy couples dates! They are always so fun.
18. I love anniversaries. I also love date nights spur of the moment.
19. I just like dates. :)
20. I spent much of my high school years on the phone. Not texting, talking for hours and hours. My family still makes fun of me for taking up so much of the home phone line.
21. I seem to have a problem with well, car accidents.
22. I get very nervous speaking in public.
23. I much prefer small groups to large groups.
24. I hope to someday be a high school counselor. That has been my dream for a long time.
25. I worry constantly about those I love, especially my younger siblings.
26. I worry about being a mom and if I will know what to do.
27. I love taking Sunday drives in the mountains and to look at outrageously big houses.

That's all I can think of for now! Hope you liked it and weren't too bored! It's kind of fun to learn little things about people that you might not have guessed. I hope to do some pictures soon. Have a good day friends!

Love, B.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today I want to highlight my amazing husband. Yes, I'm doing one of "those" posts. ;) Skip it if you don't want to Awww and Ooo and feel warm and fuzzy.

It's been stressful lately with figuring out jobs and money and well, life.
I have been feeling kind of down figuring out what I need to be doing and what is most important. It's easy to say I probably haven't been the most upbeat lately! :) I am sorry to any of you that have been influenced by my sort of negative nancy attitude. Apologies for sounding down.

I have a goal to be a little more happier, kinder, and loving to everyone around me. Starting today-no more negativity!

Where better to start than at home with my husband! I love my husband so much and for his birthday I made a list of reasons why I love him so much. There are 24 because it was his 24th b-day.

24 thing I love about Kevin:

1. He makes me laugh all the time
2. He is the best kisser
3. He loves my cooking
4. His blue eyes make me melt!
5. His sense of humor
6. His Testimony and commitment to the gospel
7. His knowledge of many many things, especially computers
8. He likes to watch movies with me and cuddle
9. He has a talent of being good with his time
10. The way he looks at me when he's grateful
11. The way he does little things for me when I'm overwhelmed
12. He likes to dance crazy!
13. He is a loyal friend
14. He is a wonderful protector and provider
15. He honors his priesthood
16. He loves his family very much
17. He loves me unconditionally
18. That he is SO good with kids (sometimes way better than me!)
19. That he will make an awesome, incredible, and fun father.
20. He is super hott :)
21. He has a talent of being a great teacher
22. The way he loves me
23. He is incredibly good looking
24. He is my wonderful husband :)

Hope this isn't too mushy! I warned ya!! I want him to know how much I appreciate him, and would be lost without him. Love you babe!

Rodizio's for his birthday, they sang to him in Portuguese and everything-
doesn't he look gleeful?
He went to Brazil on his mission, so it was a special treat.

Us with the scary blue lady, we thought it was funny

A Brazilian feast

Love, B

Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing Part II

*Please scroll down to read the first post if you missed it!

This is some of what we have been working on. It is by no means done!! I think I could title it "What we have done so far". It is always a work in progress when it comes to decorating. I tend to get bored pretty fast and so the decor will likely change from time to time. The basement especially needs some more decorating love. But for now, it is good.

So I wanted to make this feel sort of like a walk through-so you get the idea of taking a tour. Hopefully you can see what i tried (emphasis on tried) to do!

Walking in the front door and looking to the right

My newest true love :) I've been playing a lot more since.

The red wall we painted (only painting we have chosen to do so far) and couches

The brown and cream curtains I made finally! I really think they turned out well.

Up the stairs

Second bathroom

Down the stairs off the kitchen..

Our downstairs living room, where we do homework, watch tv, spend a lot of our time. I can't figure out why this is the least decorated! I guess we will get to it eventually.

The backyard.

That's all folks! Leave some comments so I know you were here!
Love, B


Our House!

I would like to introduce to you what we have been working on since last October...It has been an adventure! Sometimes super frustrating and incredibly stressful and sometimes very satisfactory and fun.

We started looking for a home about last August. We decided to use a realtor that our friend Steve recommended when they bought their home in Bountiful. It was good for us for a couple of reasons-1. We really didn't know what a lot of home-buying
terms meant. 2. She did a lot of the searching for us and set us up with online sites. 3. She would do a walk-through with us of each house and point out what could be done to improve the house or certain architectural and economical items. For us it was a great experience and I would recommend using a realtor for buying your first home. After our first home--we may figure we don't need the extra help and then explore on our own for our next houses without the extra help.

Well, moving on.
We found a "match" for us the end of September and Closed the middle of October. Woo!!!
This is us on the day we signed the final papers and were given the keys!

It was a fun time and so surreal. I think Kevin was more ready for it then me....It took me awhile to get used to the idea that we actually had a HOUSE. We left our little apartment in Bountiful and with a LOT of help from our family and friends hauled everything over to our new little home in Kaysville. (By the way, I loved our apartment so much. It was bittersweet to pack and leave. We had a lot of good times there and plus it was the first place we lived after being married.) It is a lot of work but really exciting to move! I have honestly hardly moved in my life. I lived in the same house for 18 years growing up-so it's kind of traumatic for me! Haha. But we were very excited.

A little bit about the dimensions and things- It is a 4 bedroom (5 if we use the smallest room that is more for an office) and 2 bathrooms. The layout is a split level with the kitchen and main family room when you walk in. Then up the stairs is 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Down the stairs is a family room, laundry room and 2 back smaller rooms. One is Kev's "man cave" and one is the office. We really liked the yard and that is one of the reasons we went with this house. It has a lovely backyard that feels pretty large. If I remember right, we are on a .25 acre which is good these days. Some of the houses we looked at in Foxboro were on a .08 acre. I love to sit outside and have room to do a garden and stuff so this was a good fit for us.

Want to see some of the inside that we have worked on??
Well alright! Check out the next titled post Part II.

Peace out. ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentines-ow ow! :)

'Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells
Jinglin'..RingTing Tinglin' Too

We got to go on a real Sleigh Ride this Valentines. Don't worry, I usually don't like to brag about the sweet dates we go on----but it's Valentines, right? (just kidding, I will tell you about more if you want to). I planned the date this year with the agreement that my other half will take over next year. I was so excited when I heard about this company in Park City (I love going to Park City) called Snowed Inn. Check it out if you get a chance. We were also lucky enough to have a cool group to ride in the sleigh with. They were from somewhere back east like Georgia, and had wicked cool accents. One of the young boys in our sleigh would get the attention of the driver by yelling in his southern accent "Hey, Partner!". It was to die for.. :) hahaha. So funny.

We had such a good time. We got all bundled up with our gloves and scarves and it was fun to get out and do something different.
And I loved the feeling of taking a step back to a more simpler time. I especially loved having my sweetie Kevin by my side. I love him so much and he means the world to me. Ya know,
sometimes Valentines just needs to be spending time together, and this was just what we needed. We also wandered main street of Park City after the sleigh ride and poked into some of the art shops that are open to the public. It was fun and relaxing, then we went to dinner in salt lake and went home and watched a redbox.

Hope everyone had a wonderful February!
You'll have to forgive me if I sound hyper, it's past my bedtime. Thanks for reading, leave some comment love!